White soup stock of "shinise"


Light-colored soup base made by blending light-colored soy sauce made from whole soybeans from Iwate and broth of dried bonito shavings from Kesennuma and dried kelp from Hidaka. Our experienced staff carefully make broth taking time and effort to create a refined flavor. Hayachine Reisui subsoil water from Mt. Hayachine is used for this product. Mt Hayachine is drawn on the label, adding a sophisticated impression. Use it in daily for cooking and also as a gift.
Dilute it 12 to 14 times to make clear soup, 10 to 12 times for hot udon noodles, 7 times for Japanese-style fluffy omelet (3 eggs, half a tablespoonful of this soup base, 3 tablespoonfuls of water), 12 times for oden(Japanese Pot-au-feu)and hot pot dishes. Other recommended recipes are chawanmuchi savory egg custard, rice bowls, and Pot-au-feu. Dilute according to your taste.

Raw materials: Soy Sauce (contains Wheat and Soybean), Mirin, Sake, Salt, Thick-Shaved Bonito, Bonito Extracts, Sugar, Flavor Seasonings (Bonito), Kelp, Kelp Extracts, Alcohol, Flavor Enhancer (Amino Acids, etc.)

Best before date: 1 year/ordinary temperature

Japanese price
500ml: 780yen