Kijo-yu soy sauce

Dark soy sauce made from whole soybeans and wheat from Iwate and salt from the Seto inland sea. The ingredients are fermented for a long period of time in wooden barrels at normal temperature. Microorganisms that have that have evolved in their own particular way in our brewery add a sophisticated flavor to the soy sauce. Brewers themselves make Koji and manage moromi (unrefined mash) making, and this creates a rich, full and strong flavor. Free of additives such as chemical seasonings and alcohol. Certified product of Iwate local food certification system.
Pour some over grilled fish or use as a dipping sauce of sushi and sashimi. It makes a tasty steak sauce when mixed with olive oil.

Raw materials
: Soybean (from Iwate, non-GMO), Wheat, Salt, Rice

Best before date: 1 year/ordinary temperature
Japanese price
1L:1,600yen  500ml:980yen  200ml:550yen