Company Profile
Company Name  :Sasacho Brewing Co.,Ltd.
Founding             :1906
Incorporation       :1951
Business Description:
Production of soy sauce and tuyu(noodle soup) and miso
Head Office               :5-417 Tsuchizawa,Towacho,Hanamaki,Iwate 028-0114 JAPAN



Introduction of companies

Since its establishment in 1906, Sasachou has made efforts to make high quality miso, soy sauce and soup base, with a motto "quality first". Our natural and carefully-made products made in abundant nature, backed by our long history and making use of new technologies, enjoy popularity. Looking ahead, we will try harder to improve the quality of our products and offer safe products that can please our customers.

Our Story
We were founded in 1906 by Chosuke Sasaki. He initially operated a small sake brewery, but started making soy sauce and miso to please many people from children to the elderly. Our soy sauce won the highest Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize at the National Soy Sauce Competition. Our "Shinise no Aji Tsuyu" soup base was chosen as one of ten products of the "Souvenir of the Japan Pride" hosted by the Reconstruction Agency.


For this product we use whole soybeans and wheat from Iwate and salt from the Seto inland sea. The ingredients are slowly fermented at normal temperature in wooden barrels that have been used for more than 100 years. In the brewing process, use of machines are made minimum. Brewers check the conditions of soy sauce and miso during the brewing process on their own, enabling them to do detailed work, and this creates complex, rich and full flavor that cannot be created in the process using machines. For all the products we use Hayachine Reisui natural mineral water, which adds a refined touch to the products.


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