"Shinise no Aji Tsuyu" soup base


Quadruple strong condensed type soup base, a mixture of soup stock using a generous amount of shaved dried bonito and soy sauce matured for long. An authentic taste carefully created by our experienced staff. It is a perfect condiment that will compliment your cuisine. Free of chemical seasonings and alcohol.
It was highly rated in the “Rank Everything” of Nikkei Plus 1. In addition, it was chosen one of 10 items from 496 applications in the "Souvenir of the Japan Pride" contest hosted by the Reconstruction Agency to discover new food products. It passed the initial review by buyers of major retailers and also the final review by ten professionals having nationwide sales networks.
Dilute it four to five times with water to make dipping sauce of zaru-soba or somen (buckwheat or wheat noodle served cold), eight to ten times to make soup for soba or udon noodle served hot. A versatile soup base for dipping sauce of tempura, simmered vegetables, boiled vegetables, and chawanmuchi savory egg custard.

Raw materials: Soy Sauce (contains Wheat and Soybean, produced domestically), Sugar, Thick Shavings of Dried Bonito, Salt, Mirin

Best before date: 1 year/ordinary temperature

Japanese price
1L:1,600yen  500ml:980yen  200ml:550yen